About The Kloosterman Brothers

Tomas Kloosterman

Tomas Kloosterman started to play the piano at the age of seven and received his first lessons from his father (an amateur pianist), followed by lessons at the local music school in Ter Apel (The Netherlands).


During his youth Tomas has won several prizes at competitions, amongst others the Princess Christina Competition and the Rotterdamse Piano Driedaagse.


Following his studies in microbiology, Tomas studied piano at the Conservatory of Groningen (The Netherlands). He occasionally plays concerts as a pianist, together with singers or string players.


In later years he also studied medicine and currently he is working as a general practitioner.

Wigard Kloosterman

Wigard Kloosterman has been an amateur musician since his early childhood. Following initial piano lessons by his father, he started to play the clarinet at the age of nine. His musical education has been primarily obtained through the local music school where he followed clarinet lessons. In his youth, Wigard has played for many years in the Ter Apeler Harmonie (wind orchestra), where he also fulfilled the role of concert master.


During his studies in biotechnology in Groningen, Wigard has played in several student orchestras, where he learned the symphonic repertoire. In these years, he also started to pick up the piano again, and he continues to play piano in his free time until now. In his professional life, Wigard is head of research at two biotech companies.

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Bertus Kloosterman

Bertus Kloosterman has been playing the organ and the piano since his teenage years. Although he is a very accomplished pianist as well as an improviser, he did not pursue a professional career in music. Yet, throughout his life, he has played in numerous concerts and for many years he has been the church organist at the famous Kloosterkerk, a medieval monastery, in Ter Apel, The Netherlands. 


Being retired after an active career in civil engineering he now enjoys reading literature, writing novels, and making music on the piano and the organ.

Angelique Poot

Angelique Poot has been musically active since her early childhood; she has been playing the piano, singing, and playing the guitar. Angelique has also been composing for different musical settings, like a children's choir, and songs for several other occasions, such as Jamaica Independence Day. 


Her newborn daughter was a great inspiration for her to revive her composing activities. This has resulted in an album for newbie parents, soon to be released. 


In daily life, Angelique works as a dermatologist.

Bertus Kloosterman
Angelique Poot